Church Planting & Leadership

John and his wife Julie have been married for 46 years and they have 3 adult children, Carissa married to Andrew, Angie married to Stewart, and Josh married to Felicity with 8 grandchildren. John has 48 years of ministry experience, 35 years in local church Pastoral Ministry and 13 years as an itinerant leader. His passion is in Apostolic Ministry and doing the work of an Evangelist with a focus on Church Planting Movement leaders.

His international ministry has taken him to 600+ churches of many persuasions and 100’s of Christian and secular organisations. Not only has John ministered in every state and territory of Australia, but also in over 35+ other countries throughout the World.

Currently, he is the Director of Church Planting and Leadership for Sonlife Ministries Inc, the Asian South East Pacific Leader for an International Church Planting Ministry, the Minister at Large of Lifestreams Christian Church and a member of Compassion Australia’s Board of Directors.

John spends half of his time in itinerant ministry discipling, mentoring and coaching Church Planting and Missional Movement leaders throughout Africa, and the Asia Pacific Nations.  He has trained 1,000’s of church planters and literally 10’s of 1,000’s of churches have been planted or are being influenced through his apostolic ministry. He founded and oversees the Lifestreams Christian Church’s International Network of over 500 churches and key apostolic leaders.

He recently completed his latest book, “Christianity for those who think it is a whole load of Crap!” He is also author of the best selling discipleship series –Welcome into the Family of Christ; Discipleship Discoveries 1 & 2 and the evangelism training series ‘Always be Prepared’. Our discipleship series has now been translated into 13 languages around the world. His other resources are available below free or for a donation to support church planters.

“Christianity for Those who think it is a whole load of Crap!”

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